8 Evening Skincare Routine Steps to Rejuvenate Your Body

If you want great skin, you need to give it as much attention at night as you do in the morning through extensive skincare routine steps. Why? Because during the day, your skin is exposed to harmful environmental elements like UV radiation, pollution, dirt, and free radicals, and this can eventually result in skin aging and other dermatological issues. So, a little TLC before bed goes a long way.

Since I work full-time in a job with many responsibilities, I’ve established a nighttime routine that helps me to relax, decompress, and reflect after a hard day. With a lot of distractions at home, when I close the bathroom doors, it’s time to show myself some love, care, and attention.

Your nighttime routine will depend on your needs and family schedule, but it is very important to establish one that works for you, and it must include skincare.

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1. Start with Cleansing

If you only do one thing as part of your nighttime skincare routine steps, it should be washing away your makeup. I use Eve Lom cleanser as it removes even the most stubborn makeup (including waterproof makeup), as well as cleansing impurities from the skin and ridding pores of the dirt and oils that cause breakouts. No matter how sleepy I am, I always take a few minutes to clean my skin.

2. Use Toner

Toner cleanses away any trace residues and balances your skin, preparing it for the next step in your routine. If you’re short on time, you could skip this step, but remember to include it the next day or your skin will lose some of its recovery potential.

I use HL – Labs Bio Repair Special Toner. It’s tingly, refreshing, and soothes my sensitive skin.

3. Follow Up with a Prepping Lotion

One of my most important skincare routine steps involves prepping lotion. This gently removes skin cells and lipids, preparing your skin to absorb active ingredients of whatever you apply afterwards. While not essential, it ensures your skin extracts the full potency of serums and moisturizers. Think of it as a catalyst for your skincare routine. 

I use HL – Lab Alpha Beta prepping lotion with retinol (Vitamin A) two to three times per week. It works with all skin types, slightly brightens skin tone, and renews and rejuvenates the skin.

4. Apply an Eye Cream

One of the most popular skincare routine steps for anti-aging is to use an eye cream. Dermatologists agree that these can help moisturize the sensitive skin around our eyes and soften fine wrinkles. Our skin rejuvenates itself while we are sleeping, so it’s good to give it something to »work with«. 

My favourite eye cream is Annemarie Börlind LL Regeneration Eye Wrinkle Cream. It soothes, cools, and protects with a range of moisturizing plant oils. 

5. Don’t Forget the Serum

Serums can generally be used at any time of day, but there are some exceptions. Certain products are safer and more helpful at night, depending on the key ingredients. If you’re having issues with your complexion, they’ll determine exactly which product you need. 

I use Serum HL – Lab Dermalight Illuminating. It’s a powerful renewal serum that increases cell turnover to rejuvenate the skin, eradicating wrinkles, blemishes, and hyperpigmentation to give you a bright, glowing, and unified complexion.

6. Moisturize Well

The last of my nighttime facial skincare routine steps? Use HL – Lab Alpha Beta restoring cream. This will seal in the effects of all the hard work I have put into the previous steps.

7. Exfoliate and Nourish Your Lips

Your lips need a little love, too. Exfoliating your lips twice to three times a week will leave them looking full and moisturized. I love natural DIY lip exfoliants, so I always use a sugar and honey scrub. To make it, I mix 1/2 a teaspoon of sugar with 1 teaspoon of honey, massage the mixture into my lips, and then leave it for 5 minutes. I remove the scrub with a wet face towel. 

Afterwards, I apply Bepanthen Ointment. That might sound a bit strange, but it really nourishes your lips, making them plump and healthy for the morning, and prepared for your favorite lipstick.

8. Nourish Your Body and Feet

Your body deserves just as much love as your face, so make sure you nourish it in your evening routine. I use L’occitane ultra rich body cream to replenish lost nutrients and moisturize my body. The rich texture sinks quickly into the skin to leave it soft and comfortable without any greasy residue. It is formulated without parabens, sulfates, and phthalates. 

Don’t forget that all skin types need moisturisation, including your hands. Use upwards movements when moisturizing your legs and arms, and circular motions for the rest of your body. This helps loosen tight, stressed muscles and promotes circulation.
Our feet are equally important as everything else we pamper before bedtime. Since I spend almost every day in high heels, for me, the most relaxing treatment is to dip my feet into warm water. I usually put 4 tablespoons of baking soda into the water, and soak my feet for at least 5 minutes to soften them. Afterwards I moisturize them with Yumi feet Aftercare cream which leaves the feet soft and silky as a baby’s.

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