Trending Now: The Michael Kors Access Runway Smartwatch Set

One accessory that’s been a staple in my outfit choices recently is the Michael Kors Access Runway Smartwatch

Heard of it yet? If you haven’t, not to worry – I’ve got you covered. It’s essentially a tech accessory that really emphasises a fashion-forward aesthetic.

Cast in a gorgeous rose gold-toned stainless steel, it combines an effortlessly iconic silhouette with genuine cutting-edge, next-gen technology.

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Photo: Katarina Veselič
Makeup: Maja Šušnjara
Hair: Medinmleko

Features and Benefits

First things first, when it comes to this smartwatch, there are plenty of great benefits.

For instance, it’s high in quality, water resistant, and has a built-in GPS. Also, if you love a good workout, you can take advantage of its fitness-oriented features.

Not to mention, the watch is totally compatible with both Android and iOS devices, which only adds to its exceptional functionality.


Plus, did you know that there are various interactive Michael Kors watch faces to choose from, each more elegant than the last?

Additionally, you can customise the strap according to your individual design tastes. If the traditional link strap with a stainless steel finish isn’t for you, simply replace it with something that fits your personal style a little better.

Impressive, right?

My Opinion on the Michael Kors Access Runway Smartwatch

In summary, there’s no denying that the Michael Kors Access Runway Smartwatch is a good quality watch as well as a versatile fashion accessory that can be coordinated with a wide range of outfits. 

A simple yet effective way of injecting a little of the wearer’s personality into any ensemble, this classic Michael Kors timepiece has earned its place as a mainstay in my daily life.

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