How to Style a Summer Maxi Dress

Let’s face it: we all get flustered in the summer months.

Thanks to sky-high temperatures and unbearable humidity, we all yearn for fashion that you can throw on in an instant without a fuss. Am I right?

What if I told you that there was something that you can wear that keeps you feeling cool yet looking on-trend? Would you be intrigued?

Well, fear not, guys – because this dream piece is very much a reality.

Enter the summer maxi dress: a style staple from May to September. Read on to find out how to style it for every occasion.

Outfit: Imperial, Cafe Noir, Roxy
Sandals: United Nude
Photo: Katarina Veselič

Bear in Mind the Occasion

First thing’s first, where are you headed? It goes without saying that the look that you create for grabbing coffee with your mum will be completely different from the look that you create for date night.

A little tip: simple maxi dresses in a solid colour work wonderfully as an everyday outfit; whereas, those that are patterned or have a unique fabric finish are ideal for making a statement at smart casual events.

Define Your Waist

Some fashionistas like to wear their summer maxi dress loose and oversized to help them feel as comfortable as possible in the heat, which I totally get.

That said, I prefer to belt my maxi dress as it produces the most flattering silhouette. How? Well, it emphasises your waist and defines your womanly figure, regardless of your body shape.

Choose the Right Accessories

FYI, it’s your accessory choices that can take your summer maxi dress from day to night in a heartbeat. 

For instance, I wore this Perkins Collar Lace Maxi Dress from Imperial for an afternoon at Tivoli park. I stuck with a floppy fedora, beach tote, and chunky sandals for classic daytime chic; however, if I wanted to style this maxi dress for nighttime, I would swap the fedora for an embellished headband, the beach tote for a metallic clutch, and the flat sandals for heeled wedges. 

What about jewellery I hear you ask? Keep your pieces understated if you’re wearing a loud print or detailed design and vice versa. This will ensure that your appearance makes a statement without being too overpowering.

On a side note: how beautiful is Ljubljana’s Tivoli park? Designed in 1813 by French Engineer Jean Blanchard, it was created by joining together the parks which surrounded Podturn and Cekin Mansions. I’m in love!

Embracing a Staple Summer Maxi Dress

Having something to wear during the summer months that keeps you feeling cool yet looking stylish is life-changing. Not only is a summer maxi dress incredibly pretty and feminine; but if you style it right, it suits practically any occasion. Embrace it with open arms and you’ll soon find that it’s the most versatile summer closet staple.

Spread your wings,

How would you style a summer maxi dress? Do you like my daytime look? Let me know in the comments!

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