How to get Lush Lashes, Gorgeous Lips, and Glowing Skin in Under 5 Minutes

When it comes to makeup, I’m more of a blush and lashes girl.

Most makeup artists agree that, nowadays, you don’t need a couple of hours to perfect your look – and they are so right. You can achieve glowing skin, natural-looking lashes, cute cheeks, and lovely lips in just a few steps.

So if you’re looking for a fast but effective makeup plan that brings out your best features, try my 5-minute daily routine to look gorgeous all day, every day.

Photo: Katarina Veselič
Hair: Medinmleko

Easy foundation

Always start with foundation. Aside from concealing imperfections, evening skin tone, and providing an easy surface to apply the rest of your makeup, it’s also a protective layer that can moisturize and repel pollutants all day long.

For everyday use, I usually go for Mac Face and Body Foundation. It’s super easy to apply and makes your skin glow. It gives a beautiful dewy finish without being shiny.

If you have under-eye circles you should use creamy concealer. My go to concealer is Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Serum Concealer that really works well to hide imperfections without looking cakey. For breakouts, uneven spots, and hyperpigmentations I recommend Bobbi Brown Skin Long-Wear Weightless Foundation SPF 15. It has a powerful but lightweight formula that offers perfect coverage, and blends into your skin very well.

Pro tip:

I always apply foundation with fingers, because if you warm your fingers it’s much easier to apply foundation and it blends in better. Brushes usually run down the clock.


Blush is one of the most versatile beauty products you can buy. Not only can a few brushstrokes liven up your skin and rescue tired features, but it can also be mixed in with other beauty products to great effect. Best of all, modern blushes are super easy to apply.

I love Bobbi Brown Blush (shimmer brick compact – rose, but there are also lots of other colours). Bobbi Brown Blush creates a very soft, cute, and youthful glow – like using creamy blush and highlighter at the same time. This blush is a great time-saver, too – if you’re running late for work and don’t have time for anything else, a few strokes of Bobbi Brown Blush and you’ll look vibrant, charming, and ready for anything.

I should also mention that I use La Mer Powder brush. This brush has thousands of soft-touch bristles that help to apply the blush proportionally without worrying about overdoing it. Less is more, after all.


Blush can make or break your makeup. Find the right colour that works for your skin. Use a good brush and when you apply it, have your face shape in mind:

  • Square-shaped – start at the apples of your cheeks, moving upward to the hairline to the edge of your brow.
  • Diamond-shaped – face start under the apples of your cheekbones and move upwards/towards your ears to give attention to the lower half of the face.
  • Oval-shaped – start at the apples of your cheeks and sweep towards the earlobe and then blend it towards your temple. Always apply the blush along the cheekbones in an upward motion towards the temple.
  • Heart-shaped – apply blush along the bottoms of the apples of your cheekbones, but moving from the top of your temple downwards.

Bright Eyes

Your eyes are the focal point of your face, but they also do the most work – just think of all the things you see, watch and read every day. If you’re not getting enough rest, your eyes will reflect that, making you look tired and worn out. 

Thankfully, today’s eyeshadows, highlighters, and mascara can rejuvenate tired eyes, brightening the whites and making your irises pop with lush, deep colour.  

Eyeshadow shades that are a bit brighter than your skin tone will make your eyes look fresh and bright. I have very transparent skin, especially the eyelids, so I use cream shadow every day. I love Mac Pro Longwear Paint Pot – Painterly  – of course there are other colours and I recommend to choose it according to your skin tone. Use your finger and sweep the shadow over your eyelids, just up to the crease.

If your eyes are looking a little small or narrow, open them up with the Catrice inside eye highlighter pen. It’s very soft, so you can apply it easily without worrying about scratching your eye. 

For long, full, yet natural-looking eyelashes, I prefer Diorshow Iconic Extreme mascara, which is easy to apply, buildable, and offers extreme wear without any smudging. It can be easily removed with warm water or facial cleanser – no need for makeup remover.


The waterline white or nude pencil works as a great highlighter for the inner corner of the eyes. Apply it to the inner V corner of your eyes and smudge it with the help of your index finger. It instantly brightens your eyes and gives you a more awake look.

Lovely lips

Full, soft lips convey youth, beauty, and sensuality. While not everyone has voluminous lips, you can create a full, luscious pout by applying the right cosmetics in the right way to accentuate your natural gifts. 

First, apply a highlighter on cupid’s bow using your index finger. 

Next, define your lip-line by wiping away excess highlighter and foundation using a thin, wet face towel wrapped around your index finger (as if you were applying a lip pencil). Start by making an X and then wipe along the outer edges of your lips. 

Finally, apply your favorite lip balm and lipstick. I use Catrice volumizing lip balm No. 010 for its cooling, nourishing, moisture. Then, I apply Christian Dior Addict Hydra-Gel Core Mirror Shine Lipstick, No. 266 Delight. This isn’t the cheapest lipstick on the market, but it has a lovely texture, applies evenly, and lasts a lot longer on my lips than other brands – it moisturises, too.


One of the first things people notice about a woman’s face are her lips. 

Lipsticks emphasize your lips, but sadly, not everyone knows how to do it right. A few tricks can help you out.

  • Exfoliate your lips three times a week (no more) and nourish your lips before bedtime (I recommend Bepanthen Ointment) so they will be prepared for the next day.
  • Always start applying lipstick at the cupid’s bow. Create an X so it will be even and then go from the corners towards the cupid’s bow. For the lower lips, stretch them and apply all the way to the corners. 
  • Use lip liner in the same way and then go over with the lipstick. Don’t over-line your lips – only where they are asymmetric. If you put a highlighter on your cupid’s bow first, and outline the lips in perfect shape with a thin, wet face towel, it will be much easier to apply. 
  • If you do over-line your lips, clean the edges with foundation or concealer (I prefer foundation).

*Fill in Eyebrows

I’m not a fan of huge eyebrows, but not tiny ones either. I like the natural look, and I’m lucky to have full and nicely shaped eyebrows. Actually, our eyebrows are already in the general shape that works best for our facial proportions. All we have to do is a little shaping and refining.

I recommend you hold up various stencils to your eyebrows to see which shape most closely matches what you already have. I don’t need to fill in my eyebrows for everyday makeup, I just brush them, but if you do I recommend Anastasia Beverly Hills Perfect Brow pencil

I use Anastasia Beverly Hills Perfect Brow pencil in blonde, but they have six different natural colours. There is a powder-like brow pencil on one end and a brow brush on the other, which means you can blend perfectly for a natural look.

The applicators are slim and allow you to create straight strokes that simulate natural hair. If you’re a beginner, or in a hurry, you’ll love how effortlessly this pencil glides across your brow.

Always use short and very light strokes (it’s easier to add strokes instead of wiping them away) to fill the areas where you are missing brow hair. To finish, blend in with the brush for a really natural look.

Spread your wings,

What do you think of these beauty tips? How would you recommend getting lush lashes, gorgeous lips and glowing skin in under five minutes? Let me know in the comments!

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