5 Reasons to Try Novelius Medical HydroCollagen

Did you know that we have more collagen in our body than any other protein?
I know – shocking, right?
That said, the production of collagen gradually slows down once we reach 25 years old. From thereon, our skin’s collagen levels begin to drop by 1% each year.
This could be down to a number of reasons, from excessive exposure to UV rays and pollution to environmental effects and stress. However, either way, the structure of our skin weakens – and it’s not ideal.
Personally, I noticed a dramatic decrease of collagen after turning 35, which is why I decided to experiment with collagen supplements. And guess what? For a long time, I didn’t see any results. In fact, it wasn’t until…

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How to Style a Summer Maxi Dress

Let’s face it: we all get flustered in the summer months.
Thanks to sky-high temperatures and unbearable humidity, we all yearn for fashion that you can throw on in an instant without a fuss. Am I right?
What if I told you that there was something that you can wear that keeps you feeling cool yet looking on-trend? Would you be intrigued?
Well, fear not, guys – because this dream piece is very much a reality.
Enter the summer maxi dress: a style staple from May to September. Read on to find out how to style it for every occasion.

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How to get Lush Lashes, Gorgeous Lips, and Glowing Skin in Under 5 Minutes

When it comes to makeup, I’m more of a blush and lashes girl.
Most makeup artists agree that, nowadays, you don’t need a couple of hours to perfect your look – and they are so right. You can achieve glowing skin, natural-looking lashes, cute cheeks, and lovely lips in just a few steps.

So if you’re looking for a fast but effective makeup plan that brings out your best features, try my 5-minute daily routine to look gorgeous all day, every day.

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Trending Now: The Michael Kors Access Runway Smartwatch Set

One accessory that’s been a staple in my outfit choices recently is the Michael Kors Access Runway Smartwatch.
Heard of it yet? If you haven’t, not to worry – I’ve got you covered. It’s essentially a tech accessory that really emphasises a fashion-forward aesthetic.
Cast in a gorgeous rose gold-toned stainless steel, it combines an effortlessly iconic silhouette with genuine cutting-edge, next-gen technology.

Want to know more?

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5 Simple Steps for Healthy, Glowing Skin All Day Long

We all want that beautiful, glowing complexion typical of healthy skin. And with a little discipline, we can get it.
Whether you are young or beautifully mature, your complexion is one of your most powerful assets. Makeup helps, but for true radiance, you need to give your skin some tender loving care. And most importantly, skin treatments don’t end with your face. You need to pay equal attention to the face, neck, and chest, as these are the most sensitive areas of the skin.

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Championing Sporty-Chic with Liu Jo

Personally, I would describe my go-to style as everyday chic, but sometimes I enjoy exploring different looks and letting my sporty side run wild. If you’re looking for an outfit that helps you to deliver the perfect balance, then look no further!

Try the ‘Talita’ Sweatshirt, ‘Cassiopea’ Long Skirt and Hat With Visor – all from Liu Jo. We all know that nothing says chic and feminine like lace, which is why this sweatshirt is ideal for promoting the sporty chic look. Plus, the mesh pleated skirt is purposefully sheer to showcase your legs in an elegant yet sassy way.

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Spring into Style with Sports Luxe

I was recently shopping at Victoria’s Secret and managed to pick up some great new pieces that are perfect for summer days in the sunshine. They can also blend seamlessly into the night when dressed up with heeled sandals and statement accessories.

Personally, I’m currently obsessed with the fun streetwear aesthetic; therefore, these White Mesh Mix Pants immediately caught my eye. With a matching elasticated waist and ankles, these comfy joggers are ideal for the everyday girl who’s looking to refresh her activewear wardrobe with a touch of luxe.

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