Dress to Impress With These 5 Festive Party Outfits

Festive Party Outfits

It’s the most wonderful time of year, which means that your calendar is probably packed with social events and work soirees.
And do you know what this means? You’re going to need the perfect outfit.
However, with so many options for Autumn/Winter 2019/20, so much to do and so little time to shop, you might be feeling a little overwhelmed. But not to worry, I’ve done the research for you.
Read on for 5 festive party outfits that are sure to wow your coworkers and loved ones alike.

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3 Ways to Wear the Suit for AW19

Cast your mind back to Spring/Summer 2019 for a second.
Women’s suits were bright, bold and often patterned. Whether they were in two-piece or separate form, they served even the most extravagant fashionistas.

Flash forward to Autumn/Winter 2019. The suit has taken a serious turn, and the fruity tones that dominated last season have been left behind (along with the gorgeous warm weather).
Want to know specifics? I’ve got you covered. Read on for 3 ways to wear the suit for AW19 to be ahead of the curve and admired by the fashion pack worldwide.

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5 of the Hottest Colour Trends for AW19

Newsflash: we’re officially in the Autumn/Winter season.
This means that it’s time to say goodbye to the pretty Spring/Summer colour palette and, instead, embrace darker and richer hues that fall in line with darker mornings (and nights!)
Or is it?
Surprisingly, some of the fresh shades of SS19 are still sticking around. Want to know specifics? Well, I’ll tell you – read on for 5 of the hottest colour trends for AW19.

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Stand Out in Style With These 3 AW19 Leather Pieces

Lovers of leather, rejoice.
Not only is this luxurious fabric back for Autumn/Winter 2019, but it’s fiercer than ever.
The timeless black hue has been joined by an array of neutral tones following on from the beige trend of Spring/Summer 2019. And boy, are they dreamy.
Whether you invest in just one or multiple options to satisfy your Autumn/Winter wardrobe, here are 3 key pieces that will help you stand out in style this season.

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3 Ways to Slay Neutrals for AW19

Neutrals have stuck around on the style scene for several seasons now.
“Boring” beige might have dominated Spring/Summer 2019, but it’s starting to make way for other tones in the brown colour palette.
Step forward, caramel, biscuit, chocolate and chestnut as seen on the Autumn/Winter 2019 catwalks of Victoria Beckham, Jil Sander and Loewe. And trust me, these shades look as luscious as they sound.
Read on for 3 ways to slay neutrals for AW19.

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Embracing a Summer of Colour with Les Georgettes

Ever find it difficult to pick the perfect jewellery accessory in the summer months?
After all, it’s hot, it’s sticky, and the whole “less is more” concept seems to be more appropriate when it comes to fashion just so that you can feel more comfortable – am I right?
That’s why key pieces are so important during this time of year. And not just key pieces – but key pieces that make an impact.
Enter, Les Georgettes.

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All Hail the Little White Dress: The Perfect Summer Holiday Piece

Move over, the Little Black Dress – because it’s time for the Little White Dress to take centre stage during the summer months.
Unquestionably enchanting yet super comfortable, the LWD is the perfect piece to pack for a hot holiday destination.
Don’t believe me? Here are some key reasons why.

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How to Style a Summer Maxi Dress

Let’s face it: we all get flustered in the summer months.
Thanks to sky-high temperatures and unbearable humidity, we all yearn for fashion that you can throw on in an instant without a fuss. Am I right?
What if I told you that there was something that you can wear that keeps you feeling cool yet looking on-trend? Would you be intrigued?
Well, fear not, guys – because this dream piece is very much a reality.
Enter the summer maxi dress: a style staple from May to September. Read on to find out how to style it for every occasion.

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Trending Now: The Michael Kors Access Runway Smartwatch Set

One accessory that’s been a staple in my outfit choices recently is the Michael Kors Access Runway Smartwatch.
Heard of it yet? If you haven’t, not to worry – I’ve got you covered. It’s essentially a tech accessory that really emphasises a fashion-forward aesthetic.
Cast in a gorgeous rose gold-toned stainless steel, it combines an effortlessly iconic silhouette with genuine cutting-edge, next-gen technology.

Want to know more?

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Championing Sporty-Chic with Liu Jo

Personally, I would describe my go-to style as everyday chic, but sometimes I enjoy exploring different looks and letting my sporty side run wild. If you’re looking for an outfit that helps you to deliver the perfect balance, then look no further!

Try the ‘Talita’ Sweatshirt, ‘Cassiopea’ Long Skirt and Hat With Visor – all from Liu Jo. We all know that nothing says chic and feminine like lace, which is why this sweatshirt is ideal for promoting the sporty chic look. Plus, the mesh pleated skirt is purposefully sheer to showcase your legs in an elegant yet sassy way.

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